7 Considerations in Mobile Website Development


Mobile responsive web design is one of the major keys to online success in today’s digital environment. Did you know that smart phone users spend on average between four and five hours a day staring at their device? For most, their mobile device is never too far even if it means turning the car around to go back home and get it. Only a short 15 years ago, this would not have happened. We are simply connected to our mobile devices and they are connected to the internet. The smartphone revolution has changed the way we consume digital media and we predict that it will stay changed – forever.

By 2018 projections suggest there will be 6.8 billion smart phone users; that’s 80% of the planet (source).  80% of people check their phones as the first thing they do when they wake up. With the majority of people using smart phones, why are there so many local small businesses still struggling to get on board with a mobile, responsive website design? Optimizing a website for mobile responsiveness is no longer an add on, it’s a must. Getting a mobile responsive website doesn’t have to be hard. There are many build it yourself and web design agencies all over the web looking to help businesses like yourself. Here are 7 things you need to consider when designing a local, small business website

1. The website design scales to fit all devices

Nothing makes a modern smart phone user more frustrated than pinching and zooming to view the content on your website. The content needs to be readable so the user can read it without the need to pinch or zoom. Pinch and zoom are no go’s in today’s modern, local, small business world.

2. Is it designed to capture your viewer’s attention?

The human attention span is shorter, and shorter, and shorter. Did you know you now only have 8 seconds to capture your web visitor’s attention (source)? Today most mobile users are only reading the headline. If you fail to capture their attention, they’re gone. If you had only eight seconds to capture our attention, what would you say? Think about what headline your viewers will walk away with in only eight seconds. You better make it short and better make it stick.

3. Will your local business website load fast?

We all like fast websites. Nothing makes any of us more frustrated than when a webpage won’t load. Think about how many times you’ve backed out of a website and clicked on the next website because the first page you clicked on won’t load. Not only do we like fast websites, but so does Google. In 2017, Google is releasing what is called the “mobile first” index. Google understands that users are backing out of slow loading web pages. If your website isn’t fast, your competition’s website will be and they will rank higher for it. Time is of the essence, literally. Get running as fast as possible.

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4. Does it include lead capture techniques?

We are a firm believer with integrating lead capture techniques on websites. If you have visitors coming to your website, why not take advantage of capturing some information on them? Lead capture techniques help grow your marketing list and user base by providing information or a product in exchange for their email address and name. Focus on collecting an email and a name at first. Give your viewers a reason to connect with the information you’re giving away.

5. What keywords are you trying to target?

Online search is a key to helping your business get found online. You can have the greatest website in the world but if no one can find you, how is it effective in reaching your potential customers? Keywords make up the base of helping your business get found online. Think about the keywords your business needs to rank for to get found online. What search terms are people searching for in your industry and how can you develop content around those keywords? This is the next step in establishing an online presence after your website has started development. Per Search Engine Land nearly 60% of searches now happen on mobile devices.

6. Will you get analytics on the website?

When I have visitors on my website, I want to know how they got there, how long they were there, and where they went on my website. Understanding your user’s website patterns will help you establish areas that are popular and areas that may need improvement. Google Analytics is the most popular website analytics platform today. However, there are many other platforms that may suit your needs.

7. Lastly, Is it secure?

Website visitors want to know they are secure when they are on your website. If they don’t feel safe on your website, most will ultimately leave. Make sure your website comes with the proper security features installed so that your website is not hacked, your user base information is not compromised, and your visitors feel safe when they go through a checkout process.

There are many other steps to consider when getting your website optimized. These will help you get started and begin to establish an online brand presence in today’s digital environment. It’s time to get moving and get mobile optimized. Customers are searching. Can they find you?

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